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Rachel Cooper

How to Contact Your About.com Guide to Washington, DC

By Rachel Cooper

    Yes, I'm a real person. I'm passionate about this city and I want you to be also. There's a lot to know about the Washington, DC area and I am constantly adding information to this site about attractions, events, jobs, transportation, real estate, activities, sports and more. Let me know your thoughts and feel free to ask me questions about what's happening around town. You can contact me at dc@aboutguide.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Rachel Cooper

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    1. What is this site?
    dc.about.com is a complete informational source about the Washington, DC area (including the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia) designed for residents, prospective visitors, and those interested in learning more about the nation's capital. Like all about.com sites, we are an interactive community. I encourage and welcome your comments, ideas, and suggestions.

    2. How can I contact you?
    Feel free to send me an email message at dc@aboutguide.com. If you would like me to include your information on my site, please email me and I will contact you.

    Follow me on Twitter: @AboutDC
    Connect on Facebook: About.comWashingtonDC
    3. Will you link to my site?
    Maybe. Your site must directly relate to the Washington, DC area. Feel free to email me your request and I'll send you a link if I include your site.

    4. Can I submit photos to be posted on your site?
    Yes, I am currently accepting photos of local attractions, events, neighborhoods and parks. Please submit them with your name and a brief description. The photo must be owned/taken by you. Meaning you own the rights to the photo and you are giving About.com permission to use the photo(s) on the Washington, DC site. There is no guarantee that your submitted photo(s) will be featured on the site. If your photo is featured you will receive an email with a link to it on the site.

    5. I found something that is out of date or a broken link. Do you want to know?
    Yes, please. Send me an email and I'll fix it as soon as possible. I can be reached at dc@aboutguide.com.

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