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Inaugural Swearing-in Ceremony Map and Directions

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This map shows the viewing areas and security access routes for the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Swearing-in Ceremony. Every person attending the Swearing-in Ceremony on the Capitol Grounds is required to have a ticket, including children (with the exception of infants too young to walk). The tickets are color coded and correspond to a specific section. Ticketed guests must enter the Capitol Grounds through the security entry point designated for their particular section. Security screening gates will open at 7:00 a.m. and the formal program begins at 11:30 a.m. Guests not through the screening points by 11:30 a.m. may not be allowed to enter. Read more about security at the inauguration. Please see more details about the color coded sections below the map.

NOTE: There are separate security entrances for the Inaugural Parade. For details, see the Inaugural Parade Route Map.

For more information about the inaugural events, see Presidential Inauguration 2013.

Inaugural Swearing-in Ceremony Map User Tips
Click on the map icons to get more information or specific directions from your location. Zoom in or out to see more detail using the vertical slider bar on the left hand side of the map. To recenter the map click and drag the map background. You can toggle current traffic conditions on and off by clicking on the Traffic button. You can change the type of map displayed by clicking on the Map button and selecting the desired option(s). To see Street View images, click and drag the orange man icon (located in the upper left hand corner of the map) to the desired location and release.
  • The colored balloon icons on the map show the security entrances for the corresponding colored tickets (gold, yellow, orange, green, blue, or red)
  • The colored lines depict the paths from the security entrances to the corresponding colored ticket seating areas
  • Non ticket holder security entrances along the Mall are shown by the small purple circle icons
  • The areas outlined and filled in grey have no public access allowed
Swearing-in Ceremony Map

Security Entrances for the Ticketed Areas of the Swearing-in Ceremony

  • Blue Ticket - D St at Delaware Ave. NE
  • Orange Ticket - D St NW at First St NW
  • Gold Ticket - Third St SW at C St SW
  • Red Ticket - South Capitol Street at C St SE
  • Green Ticket - Second St SW at D St SW
  • Yellow Ticket - D St NW at Third St NW

Non-Ticketed Access to the National Mall

Viewing the Inaugural ceremonies from the National Mall does not require tickets. The non-ticketed area of the National Mall begins at 4th Street NW, and extends towards the Washington Monument. Entry points to the non-ticketed portion of the National Mall are located at:
  • Constitution Ave at 12 St NW
  • Constitution Ave at 9th St NW
  • Constitution Ave at 7th St NW
  • Independence Ave at 7th St SW
  • Independence Ave at 12th St SW
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