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Model Trains – Train Tables, Train Sets & More
Everything you need to know about model trains. Learn about electric train sets, train sets for kids and how to build model trains.
standard gauge - definitions of standard gauge for model trains
As with prototype trains, gauge is the measure of the distance between the rails. Standard Gauge has two different meanings with model trains: 1. On prototype ...
Selling Model Trains - About.com
There is one important caveat with model trains that can not be overstated. While there are indeed some rare models which go for tens of thousands of dollars to ...
Buying And Selling Model Trains - About.com
It is important to understand the basics of buying and selling model railroad trains to make sure you get the best deals. Model trains can be very expensive and a ...
Tips for Appraising Value of Model Trains
What are my old model trains worth? It's a common question with a complicated answer. Answer: First, the simple answer: I don't know! Now, how can you find ...
HO OO Model Trains - About.com
HO scale model trains are all proportioned 1:87.1 to the prototype. In other words, they are 1/87th the size of a real train. TT scale trains have a 1:76.2 proportion.
What Is the Best Model Train Scale? - About.com
Model trains come in many different sizes, or scales. For those just getting started in the hobby, deciding on a scale for themselves or their children can be a big ...
List of Model Train Set Manufacturers - About.com
What is On30 Scale? Mixing Model Trains from Different Manufacturers · Scales and Gauges in Model Railroading · Introduction to G Gauge Model Trains ...
Introduction to G Gauge Model Trains - About.com
This combines all of the joys of model trains with the hobby of gardening. For those who enjoy spending time outdoors, a garden railway is a unique home ...
TT Scale: An American Orphan Gauge - Model Trains - About.com
TT scale is defined as 1:120 or ten feet to the inch scale. TT gauge track has rails spaced 12mm. TT scale was introduced to American model railroading by H.P. ...
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