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Washington DC History

Learn about the history of Washington DC as the nation's capital, including the history of important sites and the people who shaped the City of Washington.

History of the National Mall in Washington DC
The National Mall, as the monument core of Washington DC, dates back to the early establishment of the city as the permanent seat of the United States government. The public space that is today known as the Mall evolved with the growth of the city and the nation. Following is a brief summary of the history and development of the National Mall.

James Smithson - Biography of the Founding Donor of the Smithsonian
Read a biography of James Smithson, the Founding Donor of the Smithsonian Institution, learn about the life of the Scientist and Philanthropist who led to the establishment of the world’s largest museum and research complex.

Civil War Battlefields Near Washington, DC
Find information about Civil War battlefields near Washington, DC, including Gettysburg National Military Park, Monocacy National Battlefield, Antietam National Battlefield, Manassas National Battlefield, Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park.

History of the National Christmas Tree
The National Christmas Tree and the Christmas Pageant of Peace has expanded over the years and has evolved into a major annual event that includes the tree lighting, live musical performances and an appearance by the first family. See a timeline outlining the history of the National Christmas Tree.

25 Historic Buildings in Washington, DC
See a guide (with pictures!) to the historic buildings of Washington, DC. Learn about the 25 oldest and most significant Washington, DC historic landmarks.

United States Presidents - Photos
Want to learn more about the United States Presidents? Madame Tussaud’s Washington DC will pay the ultimate three-dimensional tribute to America with its new $2 million-plus U.S. Presidents Gallery which houses lifelike wax figures of all 44 presidents. See the following photos and learn about the American Presidents.

Antiwar Protests in Washington, DC
Antiwar Protests in Washington, DC - Photos of Americans Against the War in Iraq, Americans Exercise Freedom of Speech in Washington

McMillan Plan – Washington DC
The McMillan Plan was an architectural plan for the city of Washington that was created at the beginning of the 20th century to improve upon the original city plan that was designed in 1791 by Pierre L'Enfant. Senator James McMillan of Michigan chaired a committee of renowned architects, landscape designers, and artists (known as the McMillan...

Historic Photos of Washington, D.C.
Historic Photos of Washington, D.C. captures the history of Washington, DC through 200 full-page black-and-white photographs from the collections of the Library of Congress and the Washingtoniana Division of the DC Public Library.

Presidential Inauguration 2009
The Presidential Inauguration will be held on January 20, 2009. A week of festivities will include the Presidential Swearing in Ceremony, Inaugural Address, Inaugural Parade and a night of Inaugural Balls and galas honoring the new President of the United States.

Booth Assassination Trail Tells Fascinating Story
Follow the John Wilkes Booth Assassination Trail and learn the story of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, take a sightseeing tour following the Booth Assassination Trail through parts of Maryland and Virginia.

Historic Restaurants in the Washington DC Area
Learn about the oldest taverns and inns in the Washington DC capital region.

Historic Hotels in Washington DC
Learn about the history of some of Washington DC's most iconic hotels, these historic properties offer unique accommodations, restaurants and special event facilities.

Hurricane History of the Mid-Atlantic Region
The Washington DC area has been impacted by hurricanes and tropical storms periodically throughout history and is particularly vulnerable to high winds. Learn about the history of hurricanes in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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