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Find information on animal shelters and resources for your family pet in the Washington, DC area, including Maryland and Virginia.

Dog Parks in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia
Dog Parks are gaining in popularity in the Washington, DC area. They are designated areas (usually fenced) where dogs can play and exercise off-leash. Dog Parks are wonderful places for dogs (and their owners) to exercise and socialize. See a guide to dog parks in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia

Animal Planet Expo
Animal Planet Expo features high-flying Frisbee dog shows, interactive trivia games, live animal presentations, kids activities and breathtaking programming.

Perseus Foundation
The Perseus Foundation, a Washington, DC area based non-profit organization that provides information about cancer to pet owners

Washington Humane Society
Serves homeless, lost and abused animals in the District of Columbia.

Montgomery County Humane Society
Adopt a pet, licensing, low-cost spay/neuter, volunteer programs, 24-hour hotline, etc.

Humane Society Fairfax County
Adopt a pet, licensing, spay/neuter, volunteer in Fairfax, Virginia.

Montgomery County SPCA
Adopt a cat or dog from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Partnership for Animal Welfare
Adopt a dogs or cat. Attend an adoption show in the suburban Maryland area.

Loudoun County Animal Shelter
Animal care and control for Loudoun County, Virginia.

SPCA for Northern Virginia
Adopt a cat or dog from the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Northern Virginia.

Is Washington DC Dog Friendly?
Is Washington DC dog friendly? Share your experiences living in the Washington DC area with a dog. Share information about dog friendly attractions, places to live, parks, outdoor restaurants, transportation, vacation spots and more. See submissions

Pandas at Washington DC's National Zoo
Learn about the pandas at Washington DC's National Zoo, Tian Tian and Mei Xiang

National Zoo Animals
The National Zoo in Washington DC exhibits 2,000 animals representing nearly 400 species. Learn about some of the most popular animals including Giant Pandas, Asian Elephants, Sumatran Tigers, Western Lowland Gorillas, Bald Eagles and more.

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