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Dog Parks in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia


Dog Parks in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia
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Dog Parks are gaining in popularity in the Washington, DC area. They are designated areas (usually fenced) where dogs can play and exercise off-leash. Dog Parks are wonderful places for dogs (and their owners) to exercise and socialize. Know of some dog parks in the Washington DC area that we forgot to include? Send an email with the details to dc@aboutguide.com.

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In Washington, DC

Dog Parks in the District of Columbia are maintained by the Department of Recreation in partnership with the public. All dogs using a dog park must be licensed and registered in the District of Columbia and must display a Dog Park Registration Tag.

Chevy Chase Dog Park
41st & Livingston St, NW Washington DC. The park is designated as a space for dogs to run off-leash.

Gage-Eckington Dog Park
286 V St, NW Washington DC. The dog park is the former site of the Gage-Eckington Elementary School.

Kingsman Dog Park
14th Street and Tennessee Avenue, NE Washington DC The Capitol Hill park is a favorite for dog lovers.

Langdon Dog Park
2901 20th Street NE, Washington DC. The dog park is located between the basketball court and the swimming pool and includes about 15,000 sq ft of space divided for large/smaller dogs.

Newark Street Dog Park
39th and Newark Street, NW Washington DC Separate play areas for large and small dogs.

S Park
17th and S Sts., NW Washington DC. This small park is a popular meeting space for U Street and Dupont-area dog owners. Heavy traffic borders all sides of the park. Leashes are suggested.

Shaw Dog Park
11th St. between Q and R Sts., NW. Washington DC. Dogs run unleashed. There's a three-dog maximum per person and a 33-dog park limit.

Upshur Dog Park
4300 Arkansas Avenue, NW Washington DC. The largest dog park in DC, encompasses 9500 square feet of off-leash space where dogs can roam.

Walter Pierce Park Dog Run
1967 Calvert St., NW Washington DC. Collars must be removed, and dogs must be at least four months old to enter the run.

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