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Capitol Steps CDs - Political Musical Satire


Enjoy a selection of the top CDs of the Capitol Steps, a group of former congressional staffers who perform a political musical satire in Washington, DC. Keep laughing about events and personalities on Capitol Hill, the Oval Office, and other centers of power around the world.

See a live performance of the Capitol Steps in Washington, DC.

Between Iraq And A Hard Place

This Capitol Steps CD takes aim at Bush and the War with Iraq with hilarious songs such as "God Bless My SUV" n "Hang Down Your Head Tom Daschle," "I've Grown A Culture in This Place," and "Lirty Dies: Sadman Maddam & Yubble Doo, Prad Beasts And Lenator Sott".
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Four More Years In The Bush Leagues

This CD pokes fun at the Presidency of George Bush with songs like "Wouldn't It Be Hillary?", "I've Taken Stands On Both Sides Now", "He Works Hard For The Country" and "If I Only Had A Plan".
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All I Want For Christmas Is A Tax Increase

This Christmas CD has some hilarious songs from the Capitol Steps such as "All We Got For Christmas Is A Tax Increase', "Gun Nuts Boasting They Can Open Fire", "Why's Madonna Kissing Santa Claus?" and "Do You Feel What I Feel?".
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Fools On The Hill

An classic Capitol Steps CD includes songs such as "Yuppie Love", "Superfranticunproductivenothinglegislation", "If I Weren't A Rich Man" and "Stand By Your Klan".
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Sixteen Scandals

This CD includes songs such as "Don't Cry For Me, Judge Scalia", "Who's On First?", "Hill-Liary-Y" and "Hooked On Ebonics".
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When Bush Comes To Shove

A CD with songs like "Shoe-Bomb", "Don't Go Faking You're Smart", "Osama Come Out Tomorrow", and "You Don't Mess Around With Jim".
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First Lady And The Tramp

A Capitol Steps CD with songs such as "It Takes A Village (To Satisfy Bill Clinton)", "You Gotta Have Parts", "Little Bomber Boy" and "Lirty Dies: P.O.G., The / Wick Slillie / Loctor Daura".
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Workin' 9 To 10

This CD features songs like "Workin' 9 To 10", "Fatal Distractions", "Car Wars" and "Biden Time".
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Thank God I'm A Contra Boy

This Capitol Steps CD includes songs like "Boys Just Wanna Have Guns", "Mr. Rehnquist's Neighborhood", "While Reagan Sleeps Tonight / Thank God I'm A Contra Boy" and "Libya, Oh Libya".
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Sheik, Rattle & Roll!

Another classic Capitol Steps CD includes songs like "Lika A Suburban Drone", "No Trump Bid", "You Fill Out My Census" and "Who'll Put A Bomb On Saddam Saddam Saddam?".
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