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Top 10 Washington, DC History Channel Movies - Available in DVD and VHS


The History Channel offers a variety of movies about the history of Washington, DC. Here is the top picks of DVDs and VHS movies relating to Washington, DC.

1. The White House: 200th Anniversary DVD

From John Adams' first night in residence to the Lincoln Bedroom scandals of recent years, this is an all-access, insider's tour of America's most famous home. Also available in VHS.

2. Washington Monument DVD

See why it took a century for the famous obelisk to rise over Washington, DC. Also available in VHS.

3. George Washington: Founding Father DVD

Explore the truths and explode the myths of the man who remains "First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen." Also available in VHS.

4. Founding Brothers DVD Set

Joseph Ellis's Pulitzer Prize winning book comes to the screen in this DVD collection examining six pivotal moments in America's early history.

5. Mr. Dreyfuss Goes to Washington DVD

Richard Dreyfuss hosts this two-hour tour of the capital that brings to life the people, stories and symbolism behind its famous monuments. Also available in VHS.

6. The President Slept Here DVD

SAVE OUR HISTORY documents the efforts to preserve three homes with presidential pasts. Also available in VHS.

7. Washington Scandals: Sex, Money, Power VHS

From Spiro Agnew to Gary Hart, Fanny Foxe to ABSCAM, this is a disturbing roll call of the crooks and philanderers who have tarnished the name of government in America.

8. Great American Monuments set VHS

Go behind the famous facades to learn the secrets of the White House, The Lincoln Memorial and more.

9. All The Presidents' Kids VHS

Get a unique perspective on life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from the people who didn't choose to live there.

10. The War Memorials VHS

From the Vietnam Memorial to Arlington National cemetery, this is an absorbing look at the way Americans attempt to understand the cost of freedom.

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