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Official White House Christmas Ornaments

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2013 White House Christmas Ornament

Photo © Design Master Associates, Inc.

White House Christmas Ornament Collections are hand-decorated holiday ornaments which make great Christmas displays for your home or gifts for family and friends, and for individuals serving in the Armed Forces. Elegant ornaments feature the White House, Capitol Hill, Supreme Court, Mount Vernon, and other designs with significance to American History and Washington, DC.

Each year a new White House Christmas ornament is designed based on a historical theme. You can order designs from previous years as well to complete your collection. All ornaments are Made in America from solid brass with a 24 kt. gold finish. The proceeds from the sale of these ornaments help support the White House Historical Association’s mission of education, preservation and restoration of the White House. Of the previous White House ornaments, 25 honored presidents starting with George Washington.

About the 2013 Ornament Design

The 2013 White House Christmas ornament honors President Woodrow Wilson. It was President Wilson's extraordinary quest for a lasting world peace that inspired the design of the ornament.

The centerpiece of the ornament is an American Elm tree planted by President Wilson on the North Lawn of the White House on December 18, 1913, just before Christmas. This snowy scene is surrounded by a 24-karat gold-plated frame comprised of elm leaves, a wreath of olive branches, and holly leaves bordering Wilson's monogram. Two doves of peace perch upon the olive branches, bearing banners that announce "The White House, Christmas 2013." The words inscribed on the ornament’s reverse side were delivered by President Wilson in his War Message to Congress of April 2, 1917: "Peace must be planted upon the tested foundations of political liberty."

Purchasing Tip

Please note that third party sellers of the ornaments buy them at a discount rates and sometimes sell them at inflated prices. Single ornaments should cost $19.00 or less and are available online at the White House Historical Association website or at various gift shops in Washington, DC.

Personalized Greeting Cards

The White House Historical Association has partnered with Design Master Associates to offer a personalized greeting card (as shown above) to complement the White House ornament. This partner sells the ornament for the same price as the official organization, plus the small fee for the personalized greeting cards available online at www.TheWhiteHouseOrnament.com

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