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Find resources for federal, state, city and county governments in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. Also learn about the fascinating history of the nation's capital, including information about historic sites, people and important facts.
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Washington DC Facts
Learn basic facts about Washington, DC including history, geography, demographics, local government and more.

DC Liquor Laws – Drinking Laws and Regulations
See an overview of DC Liquor Laws, including the legal drinking age, the hours that alcohol may be purchased or served, and other laws related to liquor consumption in the District of Columbia.

Military Bases Near Washington DC
Many U.S. military bases are located within the Washington DC capital region. See a guide to the military bases and installations in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.

What is a Lobbyist? - Frequently Asked Questions About Lobbying
What is a lobbyist? Who do they work for? What industries spend the most on lobbying? How does someone become a lobbyist? Read about lobbyists and find the answers to these questions and much more.

Mobile Apps for Washington DC
Mobile apps are growing in popularity and offer an easy way to access your favorite web pages when you are on the go. Here is a guide to a variety of apps for the Washington DC area.

White House Address and Contact Information
What is the address of the White House? How do you contact the White House, send a letter to the President, or the White House staff in Washington, DC?

Deer Management in Maryland and Northern Virginia
The deer population has been increasing in the Washington, DC area, especially in the suburban areas of Maryland and Northern Virginia. Learn about managed deer hunts and other deer management techniques used in the Washington DC area.

Washington DC Power Outage Information
Find information about power outages in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, including phone numbers to report power outages, maps and tips for coping with a power outage

WMATA – Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
WMATA, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, is the government agency that provides public transportation within the Washington, DC metropolitan area - the Washington Metro and Metrobus.

Washington DC – Frequently Asked Questions About Washington, DC
Find the answers to everything you want to know about Washington, DC. How did Washington, DC get its name? What attractions should I see? Is Washington, DC safe? How do I tour the White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court? and much more.

2010 Census – U.S. Census Survey
The 2010 Census will be taken in April 2010. Learn about census questionaires and census jobs. Census data is used to make decisions about federal funding, representation in Congress, new roads, hospitals and schools.

Washington, DC Embassy Guide
See a complete Washington, DC embassy guide, including all of the foreign embassies in Washington, DC, embassy addresses, embassy phone numbers, embassy websites and more.

Profiles of Lobbyists Who Work in Washington DC
What Does a Lobbyist Do? Read profiles of lobbyists and learn about their work. Lobbyists perform an important service to the American public, advocating for special interests and seeking change through the democratic political process.

Presidential Inauguration 2009
The Presidential Inauguration will be held on January 20, 2009. A week of festivities will include the Presidential Swearing in Ceremony, Inaugural Address, Inaugural Parade and a night of Inaugural Balls and galas honoring the new President of the United States.

Vice President's House – Where is the Vice President's Residence?
Though it is common knowledge that the U. S. President lives in the White House, it’s not so well known where the Vice President resides. So where in Washington, DC is the Vice President’s house?

Tax Preparation Resources in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia
Tax preparation resources for the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Find out where to get tax forms, information about tax preparation services, CPAs, tax software programs and more.

Antiwar Protests in Washington, DC
Antiwar Protests in Washington, DC - Photos of Americans Against the War in Iraq, Americans Exercise Freedom of Speech in Washington

Walking Tour of Old Town Alexandria
Explore a quaint historic town just over the Potomac River from Washington, D. C. Visit colonial houses, churches, and museums and shop for antiques.

Old Stone House Photos - Georgetown
Old Stone House, built in 1765, is the oldest known private home in Washington, DC. See photos of Old Stone House in Georgetown.

Civil War Battlefields Near Washington, DC
Find information about Civil War battlefields near Washington, DC, including Gettysburg National Military Park, Monocacy National Battlefield, Antietam National Battlefield, Manassas National Battlefield, Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park.

Political Cartoons of Clifford Berryman
See Political Cartoons of Clifford Berryman, sample cartoons of the National Archives Exhibition, Running for Office: Candidates, Campaigns, and the Cartoons of Clifford Berryman

Make No Little Plans: Daniel Burnham and the American City
Make No Little Plans: Daniel Burnham and the American City is an extraordinary documentary film that explores the life and legacy of visionary architect and city planner, Daniel Hudson Burnham (1846-1912). Read a review of the documentary film, Make No Little Plans

United States Presidents - Photos
Want to learn more about the United States Presidents? Madame Tussaud’s Washington DC will pay the ultimate three-dimensional tribute to America with its new $2 million-plus U.S. Presidents Gallery which houses lifelike wax figures of all 44 presidents. See the following photos and learn about the American Presidents.

What is the Secret Service?
Learn about the Secret Service, What is the Secret Service?, How is the president protected? How long do former presidents receive Secret Service protection after they leave office? How many employees work for the Secret Service and more.

U.S. Park Police – About the United States Park Police
The U.S. Park Police is a unit of the Department of the Interior that provides law enforcement services in National Park Service areas, primarily located in the urban areas of Washington, DC, San Francisco, and New York City. Learn about the U.S. Park Police in Washington DC

Think Tanks - What is a Think Tank?
A Guide to Think Tanks in Washington DC, What is a Think Tank? Learn about organizations that conduct research and engages in advocacy in public policy in areas such as political strategy, social policy, economy, science or technology issues, or industrial or business policies.

Washington DC Zip Codes - By Neighborhood for the District of Columbia
This guide shows the zip codes for each neighborhood in Washington DC arranged in alphabetical order.

Military Bands – Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Bands
U.S. military bands perform in parades, presidential inaugurations, state funerals, and at a variety of events across the nation. Learn about the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Bands and their performances.

The Potomac River – Things to Know About the Potomac River
Learn about the Potomac River and its watershed area, history of the Potomac River, major tributaries, cities in the Potomac Basin, waterfront locations in the Washington DC area and additional resources.

Camp David – Presidential Retreat
The federal property in Frederick County, Maryland is used by the President to entertain foreign dignitaries in a relaxed setting.

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