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Hang Gliding on the Virginia Eastern Shore


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Hang Gliding on the Virginia Eastern Shore
Hang Gliding on the Virginia Eastern Shore

Hang Gliding on the Virginia Eastern Shore

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The Eastern Shore Hang Gliding Center offers introductory aerotow tandem hang gliding lessons. The participant and an instructor are towed to 2,000 feet by a sport light airplane, and then released to enjoy gliding high above the beautiful scenery of the Virginia Eastern Shore.

My Hang Gliding Experience

What an amazing adventure! It takes just a few minutes for you and your instructor to get strapped into a harness and set to go. The instructor explains everything to you. The towplane takes off and up you go! The scenery is breathtaking and the ride is very smooth. After you reach about 2,000 feet, the tow line is released and the plane descends while the hang glider flies steadily. The instructor tells you how to steer by shifting your weight and gives you the opportunity to control the glider. It is up to you, how much flying you want to do. On a clear day, you can see many miles in the distance including views of vineyards, farms and waterways. After about 20 minutes, you return with a soft landing on the grass of Campbell Field Airport. This is a wonderful way to try hang gliding. The Eastern Shore Hang Gliding Center also offers more extensive flight training programs.

See the following photos and get a glimpse of the hang gliding experience.

To book your adventure, visit www.easternshorehanggliding.com

Eastern Shore Hang Gliding
Campbell Field Airport
9114 Bayford Road
Weirwood, Virginia 23413
(914) 772-6242

The airport is located just north of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. See a map of the Virginia Eastern Shore (zoom in to see details)

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