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5 Unique Things to Do on the Virginia Eastern Shore


The Virginia Eastern Shore is an ideal destination to getaway from the hectic lifestyle of the city. Home to pristine beaches and wildlife preserves, Virginia's waterfront destinations, offer fun and adventure for all ages. Looking to see spectacular scenery or try a new activity? Here are some unique things to do on the Virginia Eastern Shore.

1. Go Hang Gliding

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Take an introductory aerotow tandem hang gliding lesson and fly like a bird, gliding over vineyards, farms and waterways of the Virginia Eastern Shore. You and your instructor are towed to 2,000 feet by a sport light airplane and then released to enjoy the ride and spectacular scenery. No experience is necessary.

2. Kayak to a Winery

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Although there are several places that you can kayak along the Virginia Eastern Shore, the most unique excursion is the Kayak Winery Tour guided by SouthEast Expeditions. The trip starts at the Working Waterman’s Wharf at Bayford, VA, then participants paddle along the beautiful Nassawaddox Creek to the lovely grounds of Chatham Vineyards to taste some wine and learn about the secrets of wine making.

3. See Wild Ponies

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World-famous for its wild ponies, the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is a unique and beautiful place to visit. Most visitors can see the wild ponies in the marshes along Beach Road and from the observation platform on the Woodland Trail. For a close up view of the ponies, you can also paddle a kayak or take a guided boat cruise.

4. Explore Tangier Island

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Tangier Island is often referred to as the 'soft shell crab capital of the world' and is known for its fishing, sunset cruises, kayaking, fishing, birdwatching, crab and shanty tours. The small island is pretty isolated and laid back. Explore Tangier and learn about the crabbing industry and life on the Chesapeake Bay.

5. Travel Across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

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The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel was named "one of the Seven Engineering Wonders of the Modern World". It is a unique experience to cross over the four-lane 20-mile-long vehicular toll crossing that provides direct access from Southeastern Virginia to the Delmarva Peninsula. Take your time and enjoy the awesome views. Stop at the Chesapeake Grill and Virginia Originals for a quick meal or snack, to buy some local gift items, or go fishing from the Sea Gull Pier.

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