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Looking for information on education in the Washington, DC area? Here is information on public and private schools, elementary, middle and high schools, universities and colleges in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.
  1. Academic Support Programs (5)
  2. Colleges and Universities (22)
  3. Computer Training (12)
  4. Continuing Education (12)
  5. Private Schools (143)
  6. Public Schools (7)
  7. SAT Preparation (6)
  8. Tutoring (10)
  9. Vocational Schools (15)

Washington DC Lectures, Films and Classes
Learn about some of the best places In Washington DC to attend non-credit educational programs, such as lectures and films sponsored by museums and non-profit organizations.

What is a Charter School? Learn About DC Charter Schools
Learn about charter schools in Washington, DC, what are charter schools, how are DC charter schools funded, how are they held accountable, how do you enroll, and more.

Washington, DC Internships
Find information about Washington, DC internships, interning on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC interns responsibilities, required qualifications, internship resources, and more.

Summer Reading Programs in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia
Summer Reading Programs in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, music, storytelling, magic, puppetry, and activities to chart summer reading.

College Savings Plans for Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia - 529
Learn about the college savings plans for Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, Save money for college with a 529 college savings plan.

Maryland High School Assessments
Maryland High School Assessments are tests high school students must pass to graduate as of 2009.

Washington DC Area School Calendars 2012-2013
See the school calendars for public schools in DC, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, Alexandria, Arlington County, Fairfax County, and Loudoun County

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