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Maryland High School Assessments


The Class of 2009 will be the first class that will have to pass the Maryland High School Assessments (HSA) to graduate. Students at public high schools in Maryland will be required to pass four tests: algebra/data analysis, government, 10th-grade English and biology to earn their diplomas.

Students will take each HSA upon completion of the course. Scores will be sent by the state to the local school district and the school district will forward the scores home to the parents. Students who do not pass the test will receive academic assistance and will be able to retake the exam.

The Maryland State School Board refined the details of the Maryland High School Assessments by administering the test to students over a four year period. The requirement of this test is in response to the No Child Left Behind Act, a federal mandate that has increased the use of testing to assess the effectiveness of our public schools in preparing students for academic success.

Check with the Maryland State Department of Education to find out more about testing in the public schools.

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