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Halloween Movies and Horror Films in the Washington DC Area


Halloween Movies and Horror Films in the Washington DC Area


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Want to get in the spirit of Halloween? See a great horror movie and get spooked by warewolves, vampires or axe murderers. Here's the upcoming film schedule for the Washington DC area.

2013 Halloween Horror Movie Schedule

There will be twenty-two features and twenty-nine shorts programmed over the course of ten nights. Highlights include the following:

WILLOW CREEK is one of the most intense and scary films on the festival circuit. AN AMERICAN TERROR, the winner of the 2013 Spooky Movie Opening Night Feature Film Contest is one of the best true indie horror films of the last decade. DARK TOUCH blends supernatural and horrors all-too-real. THANTAMORPHOSE is an intimate and powerful trip into the private hell of a woman who has begun to rot away to nothing. BIG BAD WOLVES, one of the top genre films of the year, will keep you hovering beyond the edge of your seat. 100 BLOODY ACRES, a gory and funny feature has been called “the best low budget horror comedy since SHAUN OF THE DEAD.”  HAUNTER is a modern twist on the classic haunted house film. Additional films range from bad girls (CHASTITY BITES, PIN UP GIRLS ON ICE), to evil spirits (SPIRIT CABINET), to British killers (ART OF DARKNESS), to zombies and hillbillies (BUCK WILD) to a documentary about zombie walks (DEAD MEAT WALKING).

  • Rocky Horror Picture Show. October 19, 2013, 10:00 p.m. Hamilton Live, 600 14th Street, NW Washington, DC. Admission is free, costumes are welcome, and singing along is highly encouraged. This popular freak show/cult classic features the misadventures of Brad Majors and Janet Weiss a strange mansion that they come across on a rainy night.
  •  Halloween Movie Night in Rosslyn. October 19, 2013, Gateway Park, Rosslyn, VA.  Enjoy a free Halloween-themed double feature: A family-friendly film, Hocus Pocus (Rated PG) at 7:00 p.m., followed by a scary movie, The Shining (Rated R) at 9:00 p.m.
  • Nosferatu – The Vampire Silent Film. October 26, 2013, 8 p.m. Artisphere, 1101 Wilson Boulevard, Rosslyn, VA, Count Orlok casts his erie shadow across the vaulted ceiling of Artisphere’s Dome Theatre for a special screening of the legendary 1922 silent-film. Tickets are $15. To heighten the spine tingling experience, the film will be accompanied by Not-So-Silent Cinema’s Klexmorium Quintet as they blend a haunting tapestry of Klezmer motifs, Gypsy grooves, avant-garde textures, and classic horror effects.

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