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Washington DC Churches

Historic Churches and Cathedrals in the District of Columbia


Washington DC, as the nation's capital, has a variety of impressive churches that are historically, culturally and architecturally significant. Enjoy these photos and learn about the historic churches in Washington DC. Please note, this gallery is not meant to exclude any religious denominations. Washington DC has a wide range of churches that serve the community. Feel free to suggest the addition of other historic churches. Email: dc@aboutguide.com.
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  1. St. Johns Church Lafayette Square
  2. Washington DC Mormon Temple
  3. The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception
  4. Washington National Cathedral
  5. Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle
  6. Georgetown Presbyterian Church
  7. National Presbyterian Church
  8. Foundry United Methodist Church
  9. Grace Reformed Church
  10. Luther Place Memorial Church
  11. Metropolitan AME Church
  12. Calvary Baptist Church Calvary Baptist Church
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