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Living and Working in the Washington, DC Area


Whether you are new to the Washington, DC area or a long-time resident, this information will help you learn more about the necessities of daily life in the capital region including education, local government, health care, jobs, real estate, transportation, weather and more.
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Residents of the Washington, DC area are highly educated and the region has some of the best schools in the country. This guide provides information on public and private schools as well as educational resources in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Food & Dining

Learn about the wide range of restaurants and bars in the Washington, DC area. Read reviews and information about food & wine events. Find farmers markets and the best places to shop for gourmet food and gifts.

Health & Fitness

Find health and fitness information for Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia including hospitals, healthcare facilities, health clubs, exercise programs, disabled resources, and other special services.


There are plenty of job opportunities in the Washington, DC area. The region has a wide range of employers from government agencies to high-tech industries to healthcare providers to small businesses. Find job and career resources in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Local Government & History

Find here a wide range of information about local governments including city, county and state agencies and services. In addition, learn about the fascinating history of the Washington, DC area including information about historic sites, people and important facts.

Maps & Directions

Learning your way around the Washington, DC area can be challenging and take some time. Here you will find maps and directions to a variety of destinations and popular attractions in the Washington, DC area.

Real Estate & Relocating


Looking to relocate to the Washington, DC area? Find realtors and relocation services to help you buy a house, rent an apartment or find a roommate in Washington, DC, Maryland or Virginia.


The Washington, DC area has a wide variety of places to shop, from large shopping malls to small neighborhood specialty stores.


DC Circulator Bus

There are lots of public transportation options in the Washington, DC area. Find information on all kinds of transportation including airports, car rentals, bus service, the Metro, trains and taxis. Explore the best ways to get around Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.

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