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Washington, DC Independent Film Festival 2014



This Ain't No Mouse Music


The Washington, DC Independent Film Festival is an an award winning event that showcases a variety of feature, short, animation and documentary films by local, national, and international filmmakers. Many of the festival films have gone on to the Academy Awards, Sundance, Toronto and Cannes, where some have taken prizes. At each program of the Washington, DC Independent Film Festival participants view a range of films, including an animation, a short and a feature. After each session there is a question and answer discussion where you can interact directly with top executives from AOL, Discovery Communications, National Geographic and PBS, among others.

Dates: February 19-23, 2014


2014 Festival Highlights

  • Opening night, the Toastmaster, a poignant and funny drama that follows a young man as he comes into his unlikely inheritance - his place in a line of great Armenian toastmasters.
  • Five films by artists from the DC area (Leaving Sharpe, Water, Blood and Circumstance, Ofir, and Sons of the City).
  • Closing screening of This Ain't No Mouse Music! The films Brothers Hypnotic, The Road to Fame, 3 Mile Limit, Searching for Perfection, and Virtuos Virtuell will explore the many facets of music and the performing arts.
  • The first ever High School Film Competition will give young filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their work and receive feedback from experienced judges.
  • The Summit on the Hill will focus on the rise of “crowdfunding” as a means of funding independent filmmaking and the role that legislation will play in this vital support system.
  • Seminars and master classes will focus on Music scoring, Web-based series, Cinematography and technology, Animation, Sound design, Acting in independent films, Location and permits and Legal concerns for independent filmmakers.

To see the list of films and purchase tickets, see the official website.

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