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DC Government

Information on the local government for the District of Columbia. Find a variety of government related resources and information for Washington, DC.

DC Government 101
Learn about the structure of the DC government, elected officials, the DC Home Rule Act, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, how a bill becomes a law, the DC Code, voting rights and government organizations

DC Flag - Flag of the District of Columbia
Learn about the flag of the District of Columbia.

Is the District of Columbia a State?
Is the District of Columbia a State? Read about DC Statehood and the history of the nations capital

DC Elected Officials
Learn about the elected officials for the District of Columbia Government, including the DC Mayor, DC Council, District of Columbia State Board of Education, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, DC Congressional Representative, and more.

Law Enforcement Agencies in Washington DC
Washington DC is policed by several different law enforcement agencies which can be confusing to local residents and visitors. Learn about the law enforcement agencies and police departments that serve and protect the District of Columbia.

DC Tax Guide
Taxes in DC are levied on a variety of items, including income, property and retail sales items. Find information on Income, Sales, Property, Inheritance and Estate Taxes for the District of Columbia.

DC Voting Rights – Taxation Without Representation in Washington, DC
Washington DC residents do not have congressional voting rights, no democratic representation in the U. S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives.

DC Council – Legislative Branch of the District of Columbia
Learn about the role and responsibilities of the legislative branch of the local government for the District of Columbia.

Mayor Vincent Gray – District of Columbia
Read a biography of Mayor Vincent Gray, learn about his personal, education and professional background.

Eleanor Holmes Norton - Congresswoman for the District of Columbia
Read a biography of Eleanor Holmes Norton and learn about her personal and professional background, learn about the DC Congresswoman's life and career.

DC One Card
DC One Card, a new consolidated picture ID card for residents of the District of Columbia, One Card provides access to DC government programs and facilities, including recreation centers, libraries and schools,

Washington DC Drivers Licenses
Learn how to get a drivers license in Washington, DC including information about DMV locations and more.

DC Lottery
Find information about the DC Lottery, Powerball, Hot Lotto, DC Daily 6, and numerous instant scratch tickets.

Adrian Fenty – Mayor of Washington, DC
Adrian Fenty, Profile of Washington, DC Mayor Adrian Fenty, Adrian Fenty, the youngest ever mayor of the District of Columbia,

DC Government Official Website
Official site of the government of the city of Washington, DC.

DC Mayor Election 2010
The Mayor of DC is elected to a four-year term with no term limits. Learn about the 2010 Mayor Election, including information about voting and profiles of the DC mayor candidates.

DC Metropolitan Police Department
The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia is the law enforcement agency for Washington, DC. It is one of the ten largest police forces within the United States, employing approximately 4,000 police officers and 600 support staff members.

DC Mayor Election 2014 – Voting and Candidate Information
Learn about the 2014 DC Mayor Election, find voting information, important dates, and details about the DC mayoral candidates.

Muriel E. Bowser – Washington DC Mayor Candidate
Read a profile of Muriel E. Bowser, the DC Councilmember who won the Democratic nomination for DC Mayor in April 2014. Bowser will run for Mayor in the November General Election.

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