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Kwanzaa Events 2013 in the Washington, DC Area


Kwanzaa Events 2013 in the Washington, DC Area
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Kwanzaa is a seven-day cultural celebration that was created by Dr. Maulana Karenga in 1966, in the midst of the Black Freedom Movement. The holiday is celebrated each year on December 26 through January 1 by African Americans as a way to reaffirm their heritage and culture and their bonds to one another as a community. Kwanzaa is celebrated with candle-lighting ceremony, a feast and gift-giving. Here are some special events honoring Kwanzaa around the Washington, DC area.

Kwanzaa Celebration at the Alexandria Black History Museum
December 7, 2013. 902 Wythe Street Alexandria, Virginia. (703) 838-4356. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. the museum's annual program explores the history and significance of Kwanzaa. Learn about the principles of Kwanzaa, a seven-day cultural celebration. The program will include a variety of creative games, interactive songs, dances and hands-on crafts.

Kwanzaa Celebration with Coyaba Dance Theater
December 14,, 2013. GWU Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre, 800 21st St NW, Washington, DC. The performance includes singing, dancing, drumming, storytelling and more.

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