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Washington, DC Ranked Best U. S. City For Teleworking


Washington, DC has been named the “Best City for Teleworking” in America, according to a new study by research firm Sperling’s BestPlaces and Intel Corporation. The study confirmed what most of the area's residents already know, that our traffic is terrible and commuting is stressful. The study revealed that Washington, DC area workers have the longest and most expensive average daily commute in the U.S., but also that the area has the highest population in telework friendly jobs.

Mobile technology has made teleworking grow in popularity beecause it can provide a more flexible schedule, savings on gas, wear and tear on your car and added time with your family. Teleworking enables people to work at any time or place using technology such as laptops, wireless networking and wi-fi hotspots. See a list of wi-fi-hotspots in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

This recent study ranked 80 cities based on the potential benefits that teleworking would offer its residents. The study evaluated typical commuting times, fuel prices, availability of broadband Internet access, weather and climate and the types of jobs in each city. After Washington, the top cities are Boston, Atlanta, Chicago and San Francisco. For the complete ranking of all 80 cities included in the study, see the Sperling’s BestPlaces Website.

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