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Fastest Growing Careers in the Washington, DC Area


What occupations offer the most potential for the future? Here is a list of the fastest growing careers in Washington, DC according to 2006 census data taken by America's Career InfoNet. This data includes projections for the 2006-2016 time period.

1 - Commercial Pilot
2 - Network systems and data communications analysts
3 - Computer software engineers, applications
4 - Special education teachers, middle school
5 - Special education teachers, preschool, kindergarten and elementary school
7 - Elementary school teachers, except special education
8 - Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors
9 - Middle school teachers, except special and vocational education
10 - Home health aids
11 - Personal and home care aides
12 - Computer systems analysts
13 - Self-enrichment education teachers
14 - Forensic science technicians
15 - Social and human service assistants

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