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Largest Employers in the Washington, DC Area

Sources for Jobs in the Washington, DC Region


The largest employer in the Washington, DC area is of course the federal government. But there are also many other large employers in the region. The Washington Post surveyed more than 300 companies based in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia and ranked them by annual revenue. The financial institutions were ranked by assets. Here are the companies at the top of the list - the 10 largest employers in the region (besides the federal government). These large employers may be a good place to search for a job. Find technical positions, engineering jobs, financial service jobs, jobs in healthcare and more.

Survey 2011

Medstar Health
15,599 employees
Industry: Healthcare
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Inova Health System
15,534 employees
Industry: Healthcare
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Northrup Grumman
15,053 employees
Industry: Defense Contractor
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Science Applications International Corp.
15,000 employees
Industry: Defense Contractor
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14,980 employees
Industry: Fast Food
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Booz Allen Hamilton
14,000 employees
Industry: Technology Consulting
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Marriott International Inc.
13,330 employees
Industry: Hospitality/Travel
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13,100 employees
Industry: Communications
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Lockheed Martin Corp.
12,800 employees
Industry: Aerospace/Defense
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