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Summer Internship Student Profiles - Washington, DC


Student Name: Megan

School/Major: Western Kentucky University Major- BFA Painting Minor- American Humanics (Nonprofit Administration)

Internship Placement: CentroNia

Duties: I work with the 'art team' and I mostly do the following: frame kids artwork and make plaques for a big fundraiser in the fall, cleaning the art room, organizing various work spaces, assistant during classes, film some classes, scanning and archiving artwork digitally and uploading it onto the internet for public viewing, helping with grant work, preparing work to be hung on the walls, help supervise weekly fieldtrips

What did you like the most about interning in Washington, DC?

I am most impressed with the opportunities that I have here as an artist including history (with museums) and supplies (real art stores) and the ability to see that in a city this size I can be a working professional artist and probably be successful.

What did you like the least?

That I can not give all of the homeless people that I see what they need every day to survive and meet their basic needs as I am so fortunate to have.

Did your internship help you make future career plans?

I think that it showed me that I could really enjoy working with elementary school children in a charter school setting which is something I never thought I would like

What recreational activities did you participate in while in Washington?

So far I have been doing a lot of sightseeing of the touristy spots but I have also done some night life exploring and just seeing what exists in other parts of town. Plus I have done a lot of the mandatory things like seeing speakers and hearing presentations etc. which were very nice.

Where did you live? How were the accommodations?

I live in Meridian at Courthouse and it is awesome! I have everything that I need to be really comfortable here while in DC.

Is there anything else that you would like to share about your experience?

I believe that it is a wonderful program and I wish that everyone could have as beautiful experience at an internship as I have had so far.

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