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Sugarloaf Mountain - Maryland


Sugarloaf Mountain is a small mountain in Dickerson, Maryland with beautiful scenery. The mountain is privately owned by Stronghold, Incorporated, a non-profit corporation, and is open to the public for hiking, horseback riding, and picnicking. With an elevation of 1,282 feet and a vertical height of 800 feet above the surrounding farmland, visitors enjoy the striking views and the variety of plants and wildlife at Sugarloaf Mountain. Three well marked hiking trails are available: a 2.5 mile, 5 mile or a 7 mile loop. Enjoy these photos and get a glimpse of the beauty of Sugarloaf Mountain.
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Sugarloaf Mountain - EntranceSugarloaf Mountain ViewsSugarloaf MountainHiking Trail at Sugarloaf Mountain
Plants at Sugarloaf MountainTrailmarkers Flowers at Sugarloaf MountainScenic Overlook at Sugarloaf Mountain
Scenery at Sugarloaf MountainMore Scenery at Sugarloaf MountainStream at Sugarloaf MountainAnother View of Sugarloaf Mountain
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