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Presidential Pet Museum


The Presidential Pet Museum was founded by Claire McLean, a breeder of Bouvier des Flandres canines and author of the 365-page hardcover, called “The Bouvier des Flandres Book.” Her reputation as an expert with the breed led to her invitation to the White House in 1985 to care for Lucky, the Bouvier belonging to President and Nancy Reagan. While McLean was grooming Lucky, she saved a patch of hair that became her first memento of a presidential pet.

Through e-bay, yard sales and antique shops, McLean continued to collect all sorts of presidential knickknacks, newspaper and magazine clippings of presidents and their furry friends, placards and campaign memorabilia. Her collection grew so much that in 1998, 12 years after she began this endeavor, she decided to share it with the public and opened the Presidential Pet Museum

Some items of notoriety include a clipping of President Lyndon B. Johnson picking up his beagle, Him, by the ears, and a picture of Caroline Kennedy riding her pony, Macaroni. Over 500 items are now on display for lovers of pets, Presidents and pet trivia. The Presidential Pet Museum website sells collectible items such as toys, books, videos, posters, clothing, and statues.

In 2008, the Presidential Pet Museum moved from Lothian, Maryland to Glen Allen, Virginia to become a part of the Dude Ranch Pet Resort.

Website: www.presidentialpetmuseum.com

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