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Meadowside Nature Center at Rock Creek Regional Park

Rockville, Maryland Nature Center


At Meadowside Nature Center, the Legacy of Lands museum examines our natural history and a Legacy of People exhibit is a self-guided display of cultural history. Both exhibits include "hands-on" activities’” that are great for kids and give them a sense of what life was like for early settlers in Maryland. The Curiosity Corner is a discovery room with a variety of activities and live reptiles, amphibians, and fish.

Meadowside is a great place to take kids on a short hike. Pick up a trail guide at the nature center and explore seven miles of easy trails with interesting sites of wildlife and a wide variety of plants. Examine the meadows, woods, ponds, streams, a small lake and five theme gardens: Butterfly Garden, Heritage Herb Garden, Heritage Vegetable Garden, Hummingbird Garden, and Bat Garden.

Find out about upcoming events by viewing the Montgomery County Guide.

Meadowside Nature Center is located off of Muncaster Mill Road at 5100 Meadowside Lane, Rockville, MD 20855 301-924-4141.

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