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Frederick, the second largest city in Maryland, is located about an hour northwest of Washington, DC and an hour west of Baltimore. It is an historic city with a variety of attractions, Civil War sites, museums, parks, recreational facilities, wineries, antique shops, and more. For many years, this part of Maryland was a rural community and small town. As real estate prices have climbed in recent years, Frederick has become more suburban, drawing families to move here to find more affordable housing and less congestion. These photos of Frederick, Maryland will give you a glimpse of the historic town and surrounding region.
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Baker Park, Frederick, MarylandMonocacy AqueductCannon at Monocacy BattlefieldNational Museum of Civil War Medicine
Frederick CountrysideFrederick CourthouseCunningham Falls State ParkCunningham Falls State Park - Lake Area
Downtown ArchitectureScenic Countryside of Big Hunting CreekFishingGathland State Park
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