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Embassy Photos - Foreign Embassies in Washington, DC


Many of the foreign embassies in Washington, DC are located along Massachusetts Avenue near Dupont Circle in the neighborhood that is referred to as Embassy Row. They are housed in beautiful historic mansions that were owned by Washington's elite prior to the Great Depression. Some countries have an elaborate diplomatic presence in Washington, while others are quite modest with the minimal staff needed to maintain diplomatic relations. Enjoy these photos and take a peak at many of the embassies along Embassy Row in Washington, DC.

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Please note that the following photos were taken on a walking tour. There was no intent to exclude any embassies.
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Dupont CircleEmbassy of PortugalEmbassy of PortugalEmbassy of IndonesiaEmbassy of IndonesiaGandhi Statue in Washington, DCGandhi Statue in Washington, DC
Embassy of LuxenbourgEmbassy of LuxenbourgEmbassy of EstoniaEmbassy of EstoniaEmbassy of TurkeyEmbassy of TurkeyEmbassy of Sudan Embassy of Sudan
Embassy of GeorgiaEmbassy of GeorgiaEmbassy of GreeceEmbassy of GreeceEmbassy of IrelandEmbassy of IrelandTurkish Embassadors ResidenceTurkish Embassadors Residence
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