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Historic Photos of Washington, D.C.


Historic Photos of Washington, D.C. is a book that was published in 2007 that captures the history of Washington, DC through 200 full-page black-and-white photographs from the collections of the Library of Congress and the Washingtoniana Division of the DC Public Library.

Historic Photos of Washington D.C. is well-written and includes an interesting collection of photographs of the time period from 1860-1970. Each section of the book begins with a few pages written by local historians Matthew Gilmore and Andrew Brodie Smith who tell the story of Washington, DC during this influential period in history. The book is available to purchase at local bookstores and online at turnerpublishing.com.

Read more about the book and see sample of images from Historic Photos of Washington, D.C.

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Historic Photos of Washington, D.C.Capitol Building Under ConstructionSmithsonian Castle The Aqueduct Bridge
Capital Bicycle ClubPennsylvania AvenueCherry Blossoms on the Tidal Basin Patent Office Building
Another View of Pennsylvania AvenueThe White House Easter Egg Roll1963 March on Washington
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