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Looking to relocate to the Washington, DC area? Looking to buy a house, rent an apartment or find a roommate in Washington, DC, Maryland or Virginia? Find realtors, neighborhood profiles and moving and relocation services for the Washington, DC metropolitan area.
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Top Real Estate Developers in Washington DC
See a guide to the leading real estate developers in the Washington DC area offering fully-integrated development services for commercial, office, residential and retail real estate.

Urban Development in Washington DC
Learn about urban planning and development in the District of Columbia. Find out which Washington DC neighborhoods are experiencing the most growth and how they are changing.

City Life with Kids - Washington DC
What's it like to live with kids in the city? Share your story and read about city life with kids, life in Washington DC with children,

Moving to the Washington DC Area
Gain insight about moving to the Washington, DC area. Everyone has a unique relocation story to tell, read about experiences of those who have moved to the Washington DC area and share your story.

Living in the Washington DC Metro Area
What Do You Love or Hate About Living in the Washington, DC Metro Area? Share your experience with others about life in Washington, DC and the surrounding suburbs

Profile of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area
Profile of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, Get a sense of what it's like to live the Washington, DC area, find out about the city and the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia

Pros & Cons to Living in the Washington, DC Area
The Washington, DC area is a great place to live with a variety of choices for work, recreation and lifestyles. Here are the pros and cons to living in the Washington, DC area.

Census Information for Washington, DC , Maryland and Virginia
Census Information for Washington, DC, Suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia, learn about the differences in census information for DC and the major counties in the Washington, DC region

Maps of the DC Metropolitan Area
See a selection of the maps you can purchase to help you find your way around Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Washington DC Construction Update
Learn about about new housing, retail, commercial space and tourist attractions in Washington DC. See regular construction updates and learn about real estate development in the nation's capital.

How to Find an Apartment in Washington DC
See tips and resources for finding an apartment in Washington DC, learn important things to know and steps to take to make your search easier.

St. Elizabeths Hospital Redevelopment Washington DC
The redevelopment of St. Elizabeths Hospital is the largest federal construction project in the Washington, DC area since the Pentagon. Learn about St. Elizabeths West and East Campuses, the construction plans, history of the historic landmark and more.

St. Elizabeths Photos and Design Plans
See photos and learn about the historic campus that is being redeveloped in SE Washington DC

The Washington Coliseum, formerly the Uline Arena in Washington DC
The Washington Coliseum, formerly the Uline Arena, is a historic indoor arena in NE Washington DC that will soon be renovated into a mixed-use property with retail and office space

Tysons, Virginia Development – An Overview of Future Plans
Tysons, Virginia has established a comprehensive 40-year development plan that will transform the rapidly growing Northern Virginia community into a walkable, sustainable, downtown area over the next few decades. Learn about the development plans for Tysons.

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