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Capitol Hill Parks - Washington, DC


Capitol Hill Parks - Washington, DC

Lincoln Park

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The Capitol Hill neighborhood in Washington DC has 59 inner-city parks. These triangles and squares were designed by Pierre L'Enfant, the French-born urban designer who designed the basic plan for the nation's capital. Although most of the Capitol Hill parks are less than an acre in size, they provide an urban greenspace giving residents and visitors a nice place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. All of the parks are located between 2nd Streets NE and SE and the Anacostia River. See a map. The largest parks are the following:

Folger Park
3rd & D Sts., SE Washington, DC. This is one of the largest parks in the Capitol Hill area and was named after Charles J. Folger, Secretary of the Treasury in the administration of Chester A. Arthur. Folger Park is located in a quiet residential area. The park has a unique “fountain bench” and one thousand ornamental trees.

Lincoln Park
East Capitol and 11th Sts, NE Washington, DC. Also referred to as Lincoln Square, the 7 acre park features monuments to two important historical figures: President Abraham Lincoln and Civil Rights Activist and Educator Mary McLeod Bethune. Located directly east of the United States Capitol Building, the park provides a special setting for many events and commemorative activities.

Marion Park
E St. and South Carolina Ave. NE Washington, DC. Named after soldier Francis Marion from South Carolina during the Revolutionary War, this park dates back to the original plans for the city in 1791. There are a variety of trees and a playground.

Stanton Park
5th and C Sts. NE Washington, DC. With four acres, Stanton Park is one of the larger Capitol Hill Parks. Although the park is named for President Lincoln's Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, the statue at the center of the park depicts revolutionary war hero General Nathanael Greene. The statue is surrounded by formal walkways, flower beds and a playground.

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