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Café du Parc - Restaurant Review

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Café du Parc - Restaurant Review

Café du Parc Upstairs

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The Bottom Line

Located in the former Chanel Boutique adjacent to the Willard InterContinental Hotel, the classic French bistro, Café du Parc, serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon petit plats. The café embraces classic bistro cuisine with a nice selection of accompanying French wines.


  • Elegant French cuisine adapted to American tastes
  • Reasonable prices
  • Courtyard and sidewalk seating available


  • Small dining room, with limited seating


  • Address: 1401 Pennsylvania, Ave., NW, Washington, DC
  • Phone: (202) 942-7000
  • Hours: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily, limited menu offered 2:30-6pm.
  • Prices: Breakfast: $9.95-21.95; Lunch: $15.95-19.95; Dinner: $16.95-23.95.
  • Parking: Complementary 2-hour valet parking available at lunch and dinner through the Willard Hotel.

Guide Review - Café du Parc - Restaurant Review

Menu items for Café du Parc include, Le pâte en croûte façon (Pate in a crust), Terrine de pot-au-feu (terrine of slow cooked beef short ribs and shoulder with fresh horseradish toast) Les tomates farcies aux legumes (vegetable-stuffed tomatoes) and Poitrine de cochon croustillante (24-hour sous-vide Pork sauteed crisp with Thyme and garlic jus). French desserts include Profiteroles au chocolat chaud (Profiteroles filled with vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate sauce) or Mille feuille (Puff pastry layed with Vanilla custard).

Café du Parc's ground floor features casual seating and Pennsylvania Avenue views with a focus on takeout items including coffee, French pastries, cakes and confections. In the afternoon and evening, this area becomes a winebar. The dining room is located on the upper level with access by a grand staircase and an elevator. The decor is simple, yet comfortable. During the spring and summer months, Café du Parc features Parisian-style outdoor sidewalk seating accommodating 80 people.

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