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La Sandia Mexican Kitchen & Bar

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La Sandia Mexican Kitchen & Bar
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The Bottom Line

La Sandia, a contemporary restaurant at Tysons Corner Center, features authentic Mexican dishes with homemade corn tortillas and traditional salsas. The fully-stocked bar has a collection of more than 100 fine tequilas. The decor is lively and interesting and the prices are reasonable.


  • Good Mexican cuisine
  • Great margaritas, extensive selection of drinks
  • Modern and interesting decor


  • Noisy


  • Address: 7852L Tysons Corner Center, McLean, VA, near Parking Level E & Coastal Flats
  • Phone: (703) 893-2222
  • Hours: Sun-Thurs 11am-10pm, Fri-Sun 11am-11pm
  • Prices: Appetizers $5.95-13.95, Entrees $9.95-19.95

Guide Review - La Sandia Mexican Kitchen & Bar

La Sandia features home-style Mexican dishes in a festive setting with vibrant colors and contemporary lighting. The restaurant is a step above most mall dining establishments. The food is more authentic then typical Mexican fare and the decor is inviting and dynamic. The menu includes a nice selection of appetizers, salads, tacos, enchiladas, burritos, fajitas and traditional Mexican dishes such as Chicken Mole, Pork Carnitas, and Chicken Relleno. Highly recommended dishes include the Tacos Baja (beer battered tilapia fish, chipotle aioli, pico de gallo and Mexican slaw) and shrimp quesadillas. Don't miss the strawberry margaritas which are made with fresh fruit.

Chef Sandoval owns and operates over a dozen different restaurants in Washington, DC, New York, San Francisco, Denver, Las Vegas, Chicago, Mexico City, Acapulco and Dubai. Sandoval also owns Zengo, a Latin-Asian restaurant in Washington, DC's Chinatown.

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