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Oval Room Restaurant Review - Washington DC

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The Bottom Line

The Oval Room is an award-winning restaurant in Washington DC that features contemporary American cuisine. It is located just one block from the White House and is popular among politicians, journalists, lobbyists, and lawyers. The menu offers a variety of interesting dishes at reasonable prices (especially considering the location).

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  • Excellent food and interesting menu
  • Prime location near the White House and theater district
  • Nice, quiet setting, outdoor patio seating available in warmer weather


  • Bathrooms need updating
  • Valet parking is $8


  • Address: 800 Connecticut Avenue, NW. Washington, DC
  • Phone: (202) 463-8700
  • Hours: Mon-Thurs 11:30am-10:15pm,Fri 11:30 am-10:30 pm, Sat 5-10:30pm, Sunday open for private events only
  • Reservations: Suggested
  • Prices - Lunch: $7 - $20, Dinner: $8 - $36
  • Closest Metro: Farragut West

Guide Review - Oval Room Restaurant Review - Washington DC

The Oval Room features modern American cuisine and a nice variety of dishes that are elegantly presented. I dined for lunch and was able to taste several items and loved every bite. I would especially recommend the seafood including the Maine Peekytoe crab salad, Sea scallops, and Miso glazed salmon. Other starters that were especially tasty were the White asparagus soup and Roasted baby beet salad. For dessert, I really enjoyed the Coconut custard with lemon lime sherbert. It was nice and light.

The decor at the Oval Room is contemporary and simple. The tables leave plenty of room in between to provide a quiet and comfortable setting. The restaurant has 100 seats, which include Three Private Rooms - Green Room - up to 40 persons for sit down dining, or 65 people for a standing reception. Main Room - up to 70 people for sit down dining, or 100 people for a standing reception. Curtain Room - up to 10 people for sit down dining.

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Reviewed June 2011 - Prices are subject to change

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