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Redwood Restaurant Review - Bethesda, Maryland

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating
User Rating 2 Star Rating (1 Review)


The Bottom Line

Redwood Restaurant serves great food cooked with fresh local ingredients. The restaurant is a contemporary design with large picture windows and interesting architectural features. The bar and lounge is a comfortable place to socialize and enjoy a drink or light snack.


  • contemporary, spacious, yet cozy dining room
  • naturally raised/organic and locally sourced ingredients
  • interesting menu
  • large bar and lounge


  • side dishes are a la carte
  • expensive


  • Address: 7121 Bethesda Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814
  • Phone: (301) 656-5515
  • Hours: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Weekend Brunch
  • Prices: Breakfast $8 to $14, Lunch $9 to $25, Dinner $14 to $32

Guide Review - Redwood Restaurant Review - Bethesda, Maryland

Redwood highlights ingredients of the Mid-Atlantic region using wood-grilled and wood-oven based cooking methods. The menu is expected to change frequently and includes a nice variety of dishes including seafood, chicken, beef and vegetarian options.

I especially enjoyed the tuscarora farms beet salad with wild watercress and organic lancaster yogurt cheese, and the Pollock (a white fish) with summer squash succotash, lime butter. The yukon gold mashed potatoes and the redwood cabbage slaw were tasty side dishes. The strawberry cake was light and fluffy and a nice way to end an enjoyable meal.

The ambiance at Redwood is unlike any other in Bethesda. The 120-seat dining room is expansive yet tastefully decorated to create a cozy atmosphere. The airy space, with an 18-foot ceiling is over 150 feet wide, and features recycled Redwood accented with natural stone and slate and enormous windows. Intimate alcoves have been created with marble-topped service stations in each section of the room.

Redwood has one of the area's largest outdoor patios for al fresco dining with 100 seats. The 75-seat bar and lounge is set apart from the dining area. There's a private dining room, with a working fireplace that can seat 30 guests or host a reception for 60. An elevated 15-seat "dining bar" separates the dining room from the lounge and can seat individual guests and will also feature wine tastings, classes on local, artisanal cheeses, private dinners, and other special events.

Reviewed July 2008 - Prices are subject to change

As is common in the industry, the writer was provided with a complimentary meal for the purpose of the review. While it has not influenced this review, About.com believes in full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest. For more information, see our ethics policy.
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 2 out of 5
Don't go in a large group, Member kendallfm

Everything positive in the About.com review is true about the facility, food and service. However I recently had the misfortune to take dinner with a large group from a nearby government facility. One would think that a restaurant in Bethesda would have arranged to accommodate such groups. Everything was great until it came time to settle up, at which time we were informed that it was the policy of the restaurant to split a large group into no more than four bill. We had not been informed of this policy and it was, of course impossible for the majority of the group who had to account for their individual expenses. The manager then became belligerent and verbally abusive. Although the restaurant was essentially empty on a Thursday day evening, he actually complained about the inconvenience of serving a large group. We were twenty one, please see the review suggesting the restaurant easily accommodates groups of 60. The manager finally relented and gave individual checks, however it took over an hour after dinner was finished to settle up. Decades ago it was very difficult to split the bill for a large group, but modern point of sale technology makes this trivial as well as more accurate and convenient. I strongly suggest avoiding this venue in a group. I would also tend to conjecture that should one have any other difficulties with a meal, one would find the management unhelpful.

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