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Summer Family Fun - Things to Do with Kids in the Washington, DC Area

Ideas for Seasonal Fun for the Whole Family in the Capital Region


Summer is a great time to give kids a chance to try different activities and learn something new. From outdoor recreation, to community events to visiting historical and cultural attractions, there are endless opportunities for fun in the Washington, DC area. Here are some suggestions of things to do with the whole family this summer.

1. Water Parks

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Cool off at a water park in the Washington, DC area. There are lots of great destinations nearby in Maryland and Virginia with water slides, splash pads, lazy rivers, wave pools and more.

2. Outdoor Recreation

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The Washington, DC area has great places to enjoy the outdoors. Find the best destinations in the region for these recreational activities: Also, see a guide to local parks:
Washington, DC Parks
Maryland Parks
Northern Virginia Parks

3. Museums

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We are lucky to have wonderful museums in the Washington, DC area. Many of the museums have special programs for kids with lots of hands-on activities. Here are the top picks of museums for kids in the area, including Maryland and Virginia.

4. Free Summer Concerts

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Introduce your kids to a variety of music at free outdoor concerts in the Washington, DC area. There are a wide range of programs running all summer long in Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.

5. Special Events

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The Washington, DC area is bustling with activity in the summer, from parades to community festivals, to live entertainment to county fairs. See the Top 10 Summer Events for Kids in the Washington, DC Area

Monthly DC Area Event Calendars

6. Outdoor Movies

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Enjoy family friendly outdoor movies under the stars in a variety of venues in the Washington, DC area. Bring a blanket and a picnic and share a special evening together.

7. Children's Theater

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Take the kids to a play or puppet theater and enjoy a family show at a children's theater in the Washington, DC area. Many theaters in the Washington, DC area also offer drama education programs.

8. County Fairs

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There's something special about a good old-fashioned county fair. Enjoy carnival rides, live animal shows, musical entertainment, arts and craft exhibits, and lots of food.

9. Washington Nationals

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Watching the all American sport is a great activity for the whole family. Washington, DC's state-of-the art ballpark was designed to ensure a great viewing experience and entertainment for all.

10. Swimming

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The Washington, DC area has a variety of places to swim. Public swimming pools charge a daily entrance fee. Throughout the summer you can also enjoy the scenery and swimming at sandy beaches, swimming holes and small lakes in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

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