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Winter Family Fun - Things to Do with Kids in the Washington, DC Area

Winter Fun in Maryland and Virginia too!


Looking for some ideas for winter family fun in the Washington, DC area? Even when the weather is cold and damp, there are plenty of interesting activities in this region to keep the whole family entertained. Here are my top picks of suggestions.

1. Museums

Photo © Dane Penland, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution

The Washington, DC area has a wonderful variety of museums. The best time to visit many of them is the winter because they are a lot less crowded. Many of the museums have special programs for kids with lots of hands-on activities. Here are the best museums for kids in the area, including Maryland and Virginia.

2. Children’s Theater

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Take the kids to a play or puppet theatre and enjoy a family show at a children’s theater in the Washington, DC area. Many children's theaters in the Washington, DC area also offer drama education programs.

3. Ice Skating and Roller Skating

© National Gallery of Art

Take the whole family ice skating or roller skating at a rink in Washington, DC, Maryland or Virginia. There's even a few special places to ice skate outdoors in the nation's capital. Skating classes and hockey teams will keep kids active throughout the winter season in the Washington, DC area.

4. Indoor Playgrounds or Amusement Centers

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On a cold or rainy (or snowy) day, kids in the Washington, DC area can have a blast romping around these indoor playgrounds and amusement centers.

5. Special Events

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Attend the best events of the season with great food, music and live entertainment for the whole family. Check out the top festivals in Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.

6. IMAX Movies

See images up to eight stories high with wrap-around digital surround sound. State-of-the-art cinematography with stunning scenery lets you feel like you are really at exotic destinations. Find information about IMAX Movie Theaters in Washington, DC.

7. Movie Theaters

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Winter is a great time to go to the movies. Find a convenient movie theater and enjoy the latest films.

8. Skiing, Snowboarding or Snow Tubing

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Take the kids to a ski resort for a day of family fun in the snow. There are several ski areas that offer skiing, snowboarding and snowtubing within a few hours drive from Washington, DC.

9. Sledding

Photo © Gregory Costanzo

On a snowy day, find some great places to go sledding in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.

10. Washington Redskins

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See the Washington Redskins play a football game at FedEx Field. Attend a game and teach your child about the region's most beloved sports team.

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