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Washington DC Gifts and Souvenirs


Looking for a gift or souvenir for someone who loves Washington DC? This guide offers lots of creative ideas for locals and visitors to the nation's capital.

1. Sightseeing Tour Tickets

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Purchase tickets to Washington DC's top sightseeing tours, museums, boat cruises, bike tours and other attractions. By booking your visit in advance you'll also save time and avoid lines at busy attractions. Tour tickets make a great gift for the person who seems to have everything.

2. Patriotic Clothing and Gifts

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Show pride in America by getting decked out in patriotic clothing - show your red, white and blue and your stars and stripes! Here's a selection of clothing and gifts that will be sure to show your American spirit. Decorate your home with a variety of patriotic items or send a gift to someone special.

3. Washington DC Museum Gift Items

Museum gift shops in Washington, DC are among the best places to find unique gift items such as books, clothing, jewelry, videos, crafts, decorative arts, toys and more. Some of the museums sell their memorabilia online. Check them out, you'll be sure to find something special. See a guide to all of the museum gift shops in the nation's capital.

4. Washington, DC Sports Apparel and Memorabilia

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Choose from a wide selection of apparel and souvenirs from the Washington Nationals, Redskins, Capitals and more. Find great gift items for your favorite sports fan.

5. Concerts, Theater and Sports Tickets

Washington DC has great live entertainment and sporting events with tickets available through different sources. The following guides will help you to find current schedules: Most tickets are available through Ticketmaster.com and TicketsNow.com.

6. Washington DC Calendars

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Plan ahead for the coming year and see great photos of Washington DC throughout the seasons.

7. Panda Gifts and Toys

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Everyone loves the Giant Pandas at the National Zoo. Find here a selection of panda toys, panda books, panda videos, panda gifts and more. These make great gifts for kids and animal lovers too!

8. Capitol Steps CDs

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The political musical satire in Washington, DC will keep you laughing about events and personalities on Capitol Hill, the Oval Office, and other centers of power around the world. Enjoy the music at home or gift it as a gift so someone who enjoys political humor.

9. White House Christmas Ornaments

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These special hand-decorated holiday ornaments make great Christmas displays for your home or gifts for family and friends. A new ornament is designed each year and you can order designs from previous years to create a historical collection.

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