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Inauguration Pictures 2009 - Photos of the Obama Inauguration


The 2009 Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama was an historic event of memorable festivities including official ceremonies and gala celebrations. Many About.com readers submitted pictures to be included in this gallery of the inaugural events. Check out these pictures of the inauguration preparations, the Whistle stop train tour, the Inaugural concert at the Lincoln Memorial, the inaugural swearing-in ceremony, inaugural parade and more. Thanks to all who contributed inauguration pictures!
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Inauguration Stand At US Capitol Inauguration PreparationsViewing Stand Near the White HouseRehearsal for the Inauguration Swearing-in Ceremony
Inaugural Parade Rehearsal Rehearsal for the Inaugural Opening CeremoniesKids Recited "I Have a Dream" SpeechStevie Wonder
Inaugural Train TourBarack Obama PictureBarack Obama Speaks in PhiladelphiaBarack Obama PhotoBarack Obama Greets the Crowd in WilmingtonJoe and Jill Biden
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