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Obama Inauguration Pictures 2013 - Photos of the Inaugural Events

Photos of the Washington DC Presidental Inaugural Events


The 2013 Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama included official ceremonies, gala celebrations and a variety of great photo opportunities. Enjoy this collection of pictures of the weekend's events. Share your photos of the Obama Inauguration with About.com readers! To submit a photo, email it to dc@aboutguide.com. Please include your name and a short description. Thanks for sharing.
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Inauguration 2013 Platform Under ConstructionInauguration 2013 Platform Under ConstructionU.S. Capitol - Obama Inauguration 2013U.S. Capitol - Obama Inauguration 2013 Cell Towers for the 2013 InaugurationCell Towers for the 2013 InaugurationCapitol Closeup - Presidential StageCapitol Closeup - Presidential Stage
Union StationUnion StationChelsea Clinton - National Day of ServiceChelsea Clinton - National Day of ServiceUsher - Inaugural Children's ConcertUsher - Inaugural Children's ConcertPrivate Swearing-in CeremonyPrivate Swearing-in Ceremony
Crowd at 2013 InaugurationMichelle Obama, Sasha Obama and Malia ObamaMichelle, Sasha and Malia ObamaRapper T-Pain Rapper T-Pain - Inaugural Youth BallCommander-in-Chief's Inaugural BallCommander-in-Chief's Inaugural Ball
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