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Political Cartoons of Clifford Berryman

A National Archives Exhibition


Just in time for the 2008 Presidential campaign, an exceptional political cartoon exhibition, Running for Office: Candidates, Campaigns, and the Cartoons of Clifford Berryman, was on display at the National Archives Building in Washington, DC. The exhibition included 44 pen-and-ink drawings that illustrate how the American campaign and election process has remained remarkably unchanged throughout the years. Clifford K. Berryman, political cartoonist for The Washington Post and the Washington Evening Star during the first half of the 20th century, drew thousands of cartoons commenting on Presidential and congressional candidates, campaign issues, and elections of his era. Berryman was a Washington institution and his 53 years of front page drawings were internationally renowned.

The original cartoons were on display in the Lawrence F. O'Brien Gallery of the National Archives Building from February 1-August 17, 2008. The following images will give you a glimpse of the exhibit.
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It' Not Going to be a Restful MonthNearing the End of the PrimariesThe ComebackGolfing Season
They Won't Agree on AnythingThe Fishing SeasonAin't Politics Grand?Campaign Brick
Mr. Bryan in 1899Democratic New Years Eve CheerThe Post Season ParadeSelf Portrait - Clifford Berryman
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