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Source Festival 2014 – Washington DC

Summer Theatre Festival in the Nation's Capital


Source Festival 2014 – Washington DC
Photo courtesy of CulturalDC, © C. Stanley Photography

The Source Festival, presented by CulturalDC, is a three-week annual performing arts festival dedicated to showcasing new work from across the nation. The event is held at The Source Theatre, a 120-seat black box performing arts space located in the heart of Washington DC’s U Street Corridor. The festival launches performing arts careers with its unique mentorship program that pairs leading Washington theatre artists with early and mid-career directors. The 2014 Festival presents three Full-Length Plays, 18 10-Minute Plays and three Artistic Blind Dates that will explore the themes of Mortality, Quests and Revenge. The line-up of 10-Minute Plays includes new work from DC-based playwrights Stephen Spotswood, Timothy Guillot, Mariah McCarthy, Marine Gassier and Alyssa Wilden. 

Dates: June 6 to 29, 2014

Location: Source Theatre, 1835 14th St NW Washington, DC (202) 204-7800
The closest Metro Station is U Street. See a map

Tickets: $15-20, on sale May 1.

2014 Full Length Plays

  • A Bid to Save The World by Erin Bregman (multi-year finalist Princess Grace Award) - In a world without death a pair of students study how it used to happen, one woman longs for a beloved brother and a song of great sorrow and beauty is sung and sung again by a singer out of place and time. Death peels oranges that whittle away her thumbs, bargaining and bartering with the lost and bereaved. A rich man seeks to buy world peace. Librarians stack cards recording death. And while we watch the normality of their immortality, we may find ourselves asking, 'what is living without death?'
  • Dontrell, Who Kissed The Sea  by Nathan Alan Davis (2012/13 Lorraine Hansberry Award Winner) - Eighteen-year-old Dontrell Jones the Third decides that it is his duty and destiny to venture into the Atlantic Ocean in search of an ancestor lost during the Middle Passage. But his family is not at all ready to abandon its prized son to the waters of a mysterious and haunting past. Blending poetry, humor, wordplay and ritual, Dontrell, Who Kissed the Sea is a present-day hero’s quest exploring the lengths and depths we must go to redeem history’s wrongs.
  • The Thrush & The Woodpecker by Steve Yockey (Marin Theatre National New Play Network Resident). - Brenda Hendricks has her hands full dealing with her son Noah after he is expelled from a prestigious college and unexpectedly returns to their isolated Northern California home. When an elegant and mysterious woman arrives on their doorstep dragging along buried secrets and stories about mysterious birds, Brenda and Noah find their world turned upside down in ways both intimate and epic.

10 Minute Plays

  • Dust to Dust to Dust By Aaron Weissman - A boy mourning the loss of his father uses his ashes to create a universe in a box. 
  • Dressing Bobby Strong By Stephen Spotswood - When Constance discovers the first person she'll be dressing as part of her position as funeral director's assistant is an unrequited love, it sparks a cascade of memories and regret. 
  • The Narrow Gate By Sarah Bernstien - A man and woman weigh the pleasures and heartaches of life against the possibility of living forever in the Exoverse with their spiritual leader, Zed. 
  • Painted By Mariah MacCarthy - Michelle, with the help of a paintbrush and her girlfriend Lola, finds a way to make peace with her dying mother.
  • Nast, Brutish and Short By Jonathan Spector - It's the end of the world as we know it. Or not. But as long as we're waiting we better get this thing figured out.
  • The Aurora Mainframe By Timothy Guillot - Cody copes with his father's absence by acting out his very own interstellar space saga.

The Artistic Blind Date program unites nine artists of varying disciplines to create three dynamic, new interdisciplinary works, presented in the intimate Source Rehearsal Room. Audiences get an up-close look at the creative process as the artists present their work and engage audiences in discussions about their creative process following each presentation.

Website: www.sourcefestival.org

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