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Southwest DC Arts Festival 2014 - Washington DC


The Southwest DC Arts Festival brings the Washington DC community together to celebrate the arts and showcase the Southwest Waterfront, the most rapidly redeveloping neighborhood in Washington DC. The event will include a central market, music, dance, film screenings, walking tours, and much more. The festival is expected to expand further in the coming years as the area develops.

Date and Time: October 3-5, 2014, Times to Be Announced

Various venues along the Southwest Waterfront in Washington DC
The closest Metro Station is Waterfront
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Southwest DC Arts Festival Highlights

  • Central Art Market - Artists, artisans, and vendors will market both cutting-edge and old-fashioned wares.
  • Hand Dancing and Theatre Tours – Panel discussion on The History of Lindy Hop and Hand Dance followed by handdancing performances and workshops at Arena Stage.
  • DC Jazz Preservation Festival Festival – Westminster, 400 I St., SW. a free outdoor event (weather permitting) featuring DC jazz musicians and vocalists.
  • Film Screenings - Christ United Methodist Church will host a documentary film that explores the history of Southwest Washington DC.
  • End-of-Summer Fair – St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church, 600 M St., SW. The family-friendly fair will feature arts and crafts, local musicians; and children’s activities, food and raffles.
  • Neighborhood Walking Tours – Washington Walks will lead free walking tours of Southwest, one of DC’s oldest and newest neighborhoods.
  • BLUES and BLOWFISH - At the 7th Street Landing, show your creativity and learn how to craft a Blowfish into art by a team of resourceful artists while enjoying live Blues on the waterfront.
  • G40 Art Summit - Art exhibit, live music and painting stations for all ages.

    Website: www.swdcartsfest.org

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