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Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals


Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals

Jewelry by Steve Stamas

Photo courtesy of Sugarloaf Craft Festival
Sugarloaf Crafts Festivals are craft shows featuring hundreds of artists from all across the United States and Canada. Over a dozen shows are held each year in major metropolitan areas in Washington D.C., Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Every show offers contemporary crafts and fine art in a marketplace where artists and craftspeople demonstrate their crafts and sell their unique creations directly to the public.

The first Sugarloaf Craft Festival was held in Gaithersburg, Maryland in 1976. Over 10,000 people came out to see 200 artists. Today, artists from across the nation compete for the 300-500 spaces available in each show. Sugarloaf Craft Festivals ranks in the Top 10 in popularity of arts and crafts festivals in the U.S. Over 350,000 patrons purchase over $20 million in original arts and crafts at the Sugarloaf Craft Festivals each year.

See the upcoming schedule at their official website.

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