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Washington Redskins - A Guide to the Redskins Football Team


The Washington Redskins Football Team competes in the National Football League (NFL) and has been the region's most popular sports team for decades. The team has won five World Championship titles including the 1937 and 1942 National Football League Championship games, as well as Super Bowls XVII, XXII and XXVI. This guide provides everything you need to know about Washington Redskins football, including information about the Redskins team, FedEx Field, Redskins Park, Redskins tickets, Redskins souvenirs, and much more.

1. Washington Redskins FedEx Field

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FedEx Field is the home of the Washington Redskins football team and is the largest stadium in the National Football League, with 91,704 seats. Located in Landover, Maryland, the stadium was built in 1997 at a cost of $250 million. It has five levels including standard seating and three tiers of luxury suites.

2. Washington Redskins Pictures - Meet The Team

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See pictures of the Washington Redskins and learn about the key players and coaches.

3. Redskins Cheerleaders - Pictures

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See pictures of the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders, the women who support the Redskins and raise money for charities and community events every year.

4. Washington Redskins Tickets

Redskins tickets are the hottest tickets in town and have been waitlisted for years. Find out how to get tickets to a Washington Redskins game.

5. Redskins Apparel and Memorabilia

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Fans may purchase apparel and gift items with customized logos of the Washington Redskins team from retailers around the region. Some items are also available online.

6. Redskins Park

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The year-round headquarters for the Washington Redskins NFL Football team is located in Richmond, Virginia. The complex features football fields, strength training and sports medicine facilities, offices and meeting rooms for players, coaches and front office staff, and accommodations for print and broadcast media.

7. Redskins Training Camp

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Each July/August, the Redskins prepare for the season at Redskins Park in Richmond, Virginia. During the first week of practice, fans are invited to see the Washington Redskins in action on the practice field. Visitors are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets. After each practice, fans will have the opportunity to get autographs and take photos of their favorite players.

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