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Khan Bob Malaythong

Olympic Athlete - Beijing 2008


Khan Bob Malaythong

Bob Malaythong

© Matthew Stockman/Getty Images
Khan Bob Malaythong, a member of the USA Badminton Olympic team will compete in the 2008 games in Beijing with 2004 Olympian and 2005 world champion Howard Bach. Malaythong and Bach won the following events in 2007: Irish International Championships, Men's Doubles (Gold), U.S. Open, Men's Doubles (Silver), Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Men's Doubles (Silver), Pan American Badminton Championships in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Men's Doubles (Silver) and U.S. Adult National Championships, Men Doubles (Champion).
  • Sport: Badminton

  • 2008 Olympic Event: Men's Doubles and Mixed Doubles

  • Born: April 10, 1981, Vientiene, Laos

  • Hometown: Rockville, MD

  • High School: William Jefferson Palmer High School in Colorado Springs, CO.
    (Graduated in 2000 while he was a resident athlete at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center)

  • College: Santa Ana College, Associate in Arts Degree - 2006

  • Current Residence: Orange, CA

  • Occupation: Part-time badminton coach at the Orange County Badminton Club in Orange, CA.

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