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Georgetown Hoyas Sports Memorabilia


Show your Georgetown University team spirit with this selection of memorabilia of the Georgetown Hoyas. Collect a variety of items with customized logos of the Georgetown Hoyas.

Georgetown Hoyas Watches

These sporty watches feature the Georgetown Hoyas team logo and make a great gift for Georgetown University students.
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Georgetown Hoyas Pillows and Blankets

Choose from a variety of pillow and blanket styles and decorate your room with Georgetown Hoyas bedding.
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Georgetown Hoyas Pennants

Pennants make a great decoration for your room and show your team spirit. Start a collection that will grow in the coming years.
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Georgetown Hoyas 16 Oz. Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Enjoy a set of 2 Stainless Steel Travel Mugs with your Georgetown Hoyas logo on it.
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Georgetown Hoyas Rugs and Door Mats

Area rugs and door mats make a nice addition to dorm rooms or apartments. Find a selection of rugs with Georgetown Hoyas logos to show your team spirit.
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Georgetown Hoyas Clocks

Spice up your home or office by hanging this Georgetown Hoyas clock with the team logo proudly displayed in the center.
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Georgetown Hoyas Bedrest

This pillow with arms is an extra large bedrest featuring Georgetown Hoyas team color fabric with the logo screen-printed in the center. What a comfortable place to relax or study in bed.

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