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Washington, DC Traffic Reports

Avoid Traffic Jams in the Washington, DC Area


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What’s more frustrating than sitting in gridlocked Washington, DC traffic? Hour-long traffic jams occur often on many of the major roads around Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. So how can you avoid traffic jams in the Washington, DC area? Here are some resources to get traffic reports providing up-to-date traffic information. Check websites before you head out on the road and keep phone numbers handy to call with your cell phone once you get in a jam.

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WTOP Traffic - The site features a map that shows routes and travel times around the Washington DC area.

TrafficLand.com - See current conditions on heavily used Maryland and Virginia roads. Information is real-time and video-based electronic.

Here.com - This site shows a map of the entire DC Capital region with up-to-date traffic alerts and construction information.

Virginia 511 - Find up-to-date traffic reports for Virginia. This website will help you navigate around heavy traffic. You can also dial 511 for phone access.

Call (877) BAYSPAN for current information on traffic conditions at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Maryland Department of Transportation - Get real-time travel conditions on the main roads in Maryland including information on accidents, road construction, chemical spills, weather, major special events, and more.

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