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Washington DC Pedicabs

Get Around the Nation's Capital by Pedal Power


Washington DC Pedicabs
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Pedicabs are environmentally-friendly and offer a fun way to get around Washington DC. The pedal-powered taxi service is a bicycle rickshaw operated by a licensed driver who will take you wherever you want to go in the downtown area. Washington’s most popular attractions are spread out around the city and getting from one place to another can be exhausting. You can take a pedicab and a enjoy a relaxing ride to the world-famous museums and landmarks around the National Mall, travel to the city’s most popular neighborhoods and enjoy dining, shopping and sightseeing. Pedicabs are growing in popularity and can be reserved in advance for personalized tours and events such as weddings, birthdays, or corporate events.

Beginning in September 2012, there will be 11 pedicab stands throughout the National Mall. The sidewalk on the west side of the Lincoln Memorial will be designated as a pedicab route for north - south traffic and a number of safety and operating requirements will be established.

Pedicab Companies

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